Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

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Book Chapters

(2018) Compassion and Animals: How We Ought to Treat Animals in a World Without Justice. In The Moral Psychology of Compassion, ed. Carolyn Price and Justin Caouette. Rowman and Littlefield.

(forthcoming) Veganism, (Almost) Harm-Free Animal Flesh, and Nonmaleficence: Navigating Dietary Ethics in an Unjust World. In Routledge Handbook of Animal Ethics. 


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Book Reviews

(2017) Review of The Future of Meat without Animals, edited by Brianne Donaldson and Christopher Carter. Environmental Ethics 39(3):341-344.

Re-Printed Publications

(2017) Assuming Risk: A Critical Analysis of a Soldier’s Duty to Prevent Collateral Damage. In Moral Reasoning: A Text and Reader on Ethics and Contemporary Moral Issues, ed. by David Morrow. Oxford University Press.